ProPresenter – create a playlist

A step-by-step guide to the basics of creating a playlist in ProPresenter.

1. Right-click on the template playlist and select to make a “duplicate”
2. Rename it to something meaningful (eg Date [yymmdd] and location)
3. Open the Dropbox folder
4. Click-and-drag your first image from Dropbox over to the playlist
5. Drop it where you want it in the playlist, and repeat for other media files (images/videos).
6. Some files you drag over will already be in the library somewhere – choose “Use existing” if you know they’re the same (eg a regular like the offering slide)
7. To add a song, click “Search” and a search box for the library will open in the middle
8. Start typing the title or a line from the song to find the one you want. Then drag it over to the playlist.
9. Repeat for all the songs in the service
10. …dragging them into position as you want
11. For songs not in the library already, select the 2nd icon (SongSelect, an online library we subscribe to), and search for the title / a line from the song
12. Click “Import”
13. The default settings are usually fine, but it’s easiest if you now select the playlist for the song to be placed in (this just avoids you having to import and then search in the Ivy Church library)
14. New songs often have loads of lines per page. Click “Reflow” to quickly edit the text
15. Go to the point where you want to ‘break’ a page, and press Ctrl-Enter [Cmd-Enter on Mac]
16. You now have 2 pages of 4 lines instead of 1 page of 8 lines. Repeat for other pages if you need to. (Anything more than 4 lines at a time makes it harder for people who don’t have high-level reading skills.)
17. Click “Show” at the top when you’ve finished with “Reflow”
18. To format the slides, select the ones you want to change, and click “Themes” on the top row. For each set of themes there are several size options. We use “Tall box” for most things.
19. To add a background, scroll through the “Backgrounds” media folder at the bottom and find the one you want to use.
20. Drag it to the point before the first slide
21. Drop it, and it’ll be added as a new blank slide. If it’s a video, it will now autoplay and loop when clicked.
22. To import a PowerPoint presentation, click “File” | “Import” | “PowerPoint”
23. Find the file in Dropbox and click “Open”
24. It will be placed in the library but not the playlist. So you need to open the library…
25. …and scroll to find the presentation you’ve just imported…
26. …or type in the “Filter” box at the bottom of the library listing to find what you want…
27. …and drag it up into your playlist for today

It’s good to allow yourself time to have a play so you’re confident in adding, removing and shuffling things around in the playlist.

If in doubt, please contact Robert Varnam. We have remote control available at Cheadle Hulme and Didsbury, so most queries are easily addressed.

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