Filming at Didsbury

A guide to quick filming of the stage – eg for recording a sermon or a simple advert.

The visuals PC can record directly from the ceiling-mounted camera and the PA desk. You don’t need to do anything with the camera for this. You will get a single video file with the picture from the camera and the audio from whatever’s coming out of the mixer.

1 Switch on the power. Power up the PA system using the 4 digit code. The mixing desk, computer and camera will all auto-start.

2 Set up the sound on the mixer however you want. (You’ll be recording whatever mix you hear.)

3 Log in to the computer.

4 Make sure ProPresenter is running.

5 On the StreamDeck button controller, move up to page 9

Page 9 gives the controls for recording the camera

6 Press “RECORD”. This will launch a window which after a few moments will display the view from the camera.

7 Use the Zoom buttons to adjust the view if you need to.

8 Occasionally you might need to press the “Focus auto” or “Focus face” button if the image is blurry.

9 When you’ve finished, press “STOP”. The recording will be saved automatically and then the viewing window will close.

10 Your recording is stored in “Dropbox\Weekly Services (1)\Recordings\Video. Camera1”. Leave the computer running until Dropbox has finished syncing the file up to the cloud (several minutes). When it’s finished, the Dropbox logo at the bottom of the screen will be just black – the blue circles will have gone.

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