Video switcher instructions

We have a number of video switchers. All work in a broadly similar way.

Manual for all Blackmagic ATEM devices: view PDF

All the switchers can be remote-controlled from any computer connected to the main MMR network. Use BlackMagic’s ATEM Software Control. Once installed and launched, you will see all the available devices listed.

Production studio 4K (MMR)

Sends visuals computer’s HDMI outputs to SDI tie lines, down to tech room.


  1. PC display 3. “Projector”. Goes to projector & TVs
  2. [dead]
  3. Red cable. Loose on the desk, use for a laptop, etc.
  4. PC display 2. “Lyrics / lower thirds”. Goes to Streaming switcher (TVS Pro 4k).


  • Program = Lower Thirds
  • Aux = Projector [this is the one controlled from the physical front panel]
  • audio goes to “Visuals” on mixer, changes according to the Aux that’s selected

IP address =

TV Studio Pro 4k (broadcast switcher)

Controls the source sent to live stream.

Finding sockets: inputs at the back are the bottom row, labelled 1-8 from left-right as you look at the back.

Rear of ATEM TV Studio Pro 4k

IP address =

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