Didsbury mains power fuses

What to do if a power socket isn’t working

The light switches and power sockets at Didsbury are controlled by several different ‘consumer units’ (fuse boxes). They’re a good place to start if something doesn’t have power. Here’s where they all are…

Behind desk

Stand at the PA desk, turn around 180 degrees – it’s on the little bit of wall facing you. This controls:

  • everything at the PA desk area
  • the dimmable lights system

Tech room, rear

In the tech room, behind the tall black rack of gear, high up on the rear wall. This controls:

  • all gear in the tech room, inc lighting
  • power sockets on stage

Alarm panel

In the corridor to the back door, above the panel for setting the alarm. This controls:

  • power & lights in the chat room & corridor
  • the burglar alarm

Tech room, near

In the main tech room, high on the wall immediately to the left of the door as you enter. This controls:

  • lights & power in the porch
  • external lights

Need a fuse?

There’s a stock of fuses in the tech room. Look in the “tools” box located on the middle shelf of the middle rack of storage.

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