Recording at Didsbury

Here’s how to do a quick recording at Didsbury.

The PA desk is permanently connected to the visuals computer, which allows us to do recordings.

For the technically minded, the first 48 input channels on the SD9 are sent to the computer via the “2 MADI” ouput on the desk. This is setup using the “copy audio” function, accessed from the Master Screen. So you don’t need to manually set the channel output to go to “2 MADI”, and every signal is sent pre-processing and pre-fade. We use a Digico UB-MADI to plug MADI into USB on the computer. This also gives us 48 output channels from the computer into the desk.

The computer can record in the background while doing other things, including running ProPresenter – so you don’t have to worry about recording affecting the visuals. (We’ve tested this up to 48 audio channels record + playback, alongside video playback in ProPresenter with 2 overlaid 1080p NDI inputs – so it’s really unlikely you’ll get any kind of glitching in normal use.)


This records all 4 of the radio mics. You don’t have to do anything with volume controls – just “record and go”…

  • On the StreamDeck controller, navigate to the page with recording controls.
  • Press “REAPER radio mics” and wait for the app to open on the computer.
  • Type a project name for saving this recording and press “Enter”
  • On the StreamDeck, press the red “Rec” button to start recording.
  • Press the blue “Stop” on the StreamDeck to stop recording.
  • You can now close the Reaper app. The files are automatically saved into Dropbox (“Weekly Services (1)\Recordings”). This means they’re also automatically sync’d for others to access (you just need to wait for Dropbox to finish syncing before closing down the computer).

Other methods:

The default template loaded by Reaper has just 4 channels, for each of the 4 radio mics. So it’s ideal for sermons. There is another template available, which has 48 input channels, mapped to each of the SD9’s input channels (pre-processing, pre-fade).

  • Open Dropbox: “Weekly Services (1)\Recordings” and open the file “Reaper Template SD9 48 channels.rpp”
  • Save as a new project name.
  • Delete any channels you don’t want.
  • Ensure the channels you want to record are “armed” and click “Record”.
  • Files are auto-named and saved as per-channel WAVs in “Weekly Services (1)\Recordings”

Feel free to contact Robert if you have any queries or suggestions for improving the system.

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