Using the iPads for OnSong

We have 3 iPads at Didsbury with OnSong. These can be used for the band, to display lyrics + chords.

Unlock code: “2700” (for all of them)

Problems? Try a hard reboot

If you’re getting strange behaviour from OnSong, a hard reboot of the iPad usually works.

  • Press-and-hold the power button until the screen dims and an option appears to “Power off”.
  • Release the power button
  • Slide the “Power off” button on screen
  • Wait about 20 seconds
  • Press-and-hold the power button until the Apple icon appears
  • Login with the passcode 2700

Check WiFi:

  • Before use, check which Wifi network the device is connected to. If you want to connect to the internet for things like sync and importing new songs, you’ll need to connect to “MMR WiFi”.
  • If you don’t need the internet but want to run several iPads all in sync with each other, it’s usually more reliable to switch to the “iPad only” network.

Importing new songs

  • The best way is to use a web browser to find the song you want and then “send” that to OnSong. is a good choice and also includes transposition options. Copy the text from the web page, return to OnSong and add new song, then paste into there.
  • It’s also possible to import from SongSelect. BUT following recent changes, you’ll only get a fixed song, without the ability to transpose, change the flow, etc.

Sending a set to another device

If you want to send a set to other iPads for the rest of the band, or you have a set in OnSong on your phone, use the “Beam” function.

1. Click here
2. Select “Beam”
3. Select the device(s) to beam to once they’re listed here

You’ll usually need to wait for the connections to be ready. For example, it can take 30 seconds for other iPads on the network to appear in the “Beam” page, and then around 1-2 minutes for a large set to transfer to other iPads and be displayed on them.

Keeping the band “in sync”

You can set one iPad to control others, so that everyone’s always on the same page. OnSong calls this function “OnCue”.

  1. Start by checking all the iPads are on the same WiFi network and that all have Bluetooth turned on.
  2. “Beam” the song set to all the iPads you want to control (see tip above).
  3. Click the connect button connect button
  4. Select “Start OnCue”
  5. Wait (sometimes up to a minute – these are old iPads!)
  6. Try moving through songs on the ‘control’ iPad. The others should follow.
  7. If a ‘follower’ iPad isn’t following, even after waiting a while…
    • close OnSong and restarting it. Double-click the home button at the bottom of the device and swipe OnSong up to close it properly. Then click the icon on the home screen again to relaunch it.
    • wait 15-20 seconds or so and try moving through songs on the ‘control’ iPad
    • if it’s still not following…
      • on the ‘control’ iPad, click the connect button connect button
      • stop OnCue
      • return to step 4 above

Battery life

If you’re not using any remote control features across several devices, our iPads generally last about 4 hours on a single charge.

The OnCue function (keeping several devices in sync together) uses more power, and the battery will generally last only about 3 hours. You may want to put a charger on stage to keep the device topped-up.

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