Leading worship without a visuals operator

If you don’t have someone to run the visuals computer, you can use OnSong to project lyrics for the congregation.

This works on both an iPad and an iPhone with OnSong installed.

1. Connections

There are 2 ways to get the video feed from your iPad / iPhone:

a) with a cable. This is good if you’re not far from an HDMI cable for the projector / screen.

Plug an HDMI adaptor into the bottom of your device …

…then plug an HDMI cable from the adaptor to the projector / screen.

b) wirelessly. OnSong can also send the lyrics feed over a WiFi network to a computer that’s connected to the projector / screen.

  • Check your iPad is connected to the same WiFi network as the receiving computer.
  • On the computer, start up the AirServer app. This is installed on the Cheadle Hulme and Didsbury visuals computers.
  • On the iPad, go to Control Centre and press the screen mirroring button …
Press here and select the name of the receiving computer

Set OnSong to display lyrics

In OnSong, press the “monitor” button to open the external video settings…

There are lots of ways you can change the display, including adding colours, gradients, slides and videos behind the lyrics. Keep playing with the settings til it’s looking like you want it.

You can also use this approach to stream PowerPoint slides, videos and other things from an iPhone, iPad or Android device to one of our visuals computers.

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