Troubleshooting. No sound from mixer

If the mixer looks like it’s sending an output but you’re not hearing it, try these steps.

1 Check the LR master is turned up

On the mixer, press the blue “LR mix select” button at the righthand edge so it illuminates. Now check that the master fader (far right) is turned up.

2 Check mixer output connection

There should be 2 3-pin XLR cables going from 11 L and 12 R at the back of the mixer, to Mic3 and Mic4 on the wall box.

3 Check SQ input is on

The white wall box has a button for “SQ on/off”. Make sure it is on (the green light will illuminate).

4 Check the amps are on

The amps are in a tall black rack in the sensory room. If the lights are not lit on the bottom 2 devices (the amps), check the circular power switch on the wall behind the rack.

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