Troubleshooting. No signals coming into mixer

If the mixer is on but there don’t seem to be any signals coming into, there are several things to try.

You can do this in any order, but it’s often simplest to “follow the signal” from the beginning, so try the steps in the following order.

1 Check inputs on stage box

Check the mics and/or instruments are plugged into the correct sockets on the stage box.

2 Check Data 3 connections are OK

The mixer gets signals from the stage box via the Data 3 line.

Check the stage box is plugged into “Data 3” at the front of the room.

Check that the mixer is connected from its sLink socket to “Data 3” at the wall.

3 Check the preamp gain for the channels

Pick a channel you know has some sound going into it (eg the keyboard is being played). Press “Sel” for that channel…

…check the green “Processing” button under the screen is lit…

…and turn up the preamp gain.

4 Turn up the groups

The host mics and the band are each part of a “group”. These may be turned down or muted.

Check the faders for the groups (red labels) are turned up and that mute is not on.

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