Using Stage Display

ProPresenter sends a video stream to the TVs on stage. This enables speakers and hosts to see what’s being projected behind them, and gives the worship team a simple view of song lyrics. It also shows a clock, countdown timer and optional reminder messages.

Must-know: change stage display layout with buttons

We have 2 main ready-made layouts available for the stage display:

  • Talk. This shows the current projector image, and (slightly smaller) the next image in the current presentation.
  • Worship. This shows the lyrics for the current song section and (slightly smaller) the lyrics for the next section.

On the Stream Deck: ensure you’re in the “PP control” page. Press the button for the display layout you want (talk / worship).

This can also be done via remote control. Read more here.

More advanced: change layout with slide actions

It’s possible to forget to change the stage display layout as you move through different sections of a service. To avoid this risk, you can set certain slides in the ProPresenter playlist to automatically change the stage display layout when they are clicked.

In ProPresenter: right-click a slide you want to act as a controller for the stage display layout. Select “Slide action” then “Stage display layout”. Select the layout you want to be activated by this slide.

  • Clicking this slide will now not only display it on the projector but will also trigger the selected stage display layout.
  • You could add the relevant slide action for the start of each worship set and the start of the talk. Then, you know the layout on the stage display will definitely be correct for these key parts of the service.

More advanced: change layout with app

If you have ProPresenter Remote or ProPresenter Stage on an iPad or iPhone, the stage display layout can be selected from there at any point during the service.

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