The mixing desk doesn’t look right

Our mixing desk is highly configurable, which is helpful but can also cause confusion at times. It always reboots into the setup it last had – whatever that was.

If you can’t find the faders you want, or the layout is just confusing, you need to reload one of standard templates.

On the master screen (first one you see when starting up):

  • press “File” near the top-left of the screen
  • Press “Templates” and select the standard setup you want to load.
    • the standard default template contains everything you could need for a full service
    • the simple setup includes just the radio mics, visuals PC and the stage box in the centre of the stage (the “C” sockets)
    • the rehearsal template is for a band who just want to plug and play. PLEASE plug in everything on stage BEFORE loading the template. Then just turn up the master fader (far-right) and you’ll get an “OK” mix where everyone’s turned up.
  • That’s all the essential steps – you will now be able to use the mixer as you expect
Master screen (it’s OK to “close” the message here)
The Files menu

If you’re setting something up that you may want to come back to, it’s very worthwhile saving your session at regular intervals (just like when working on a file on your computer). If you’ve just loaded a template, you’ll automatically be invited to save your session (see below). This save page can also be accessed any time from the Files menu.

Save your session if you don’t it to get lost accidentally

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