How to show a YouTube clip

You can play a YouTube clip or show anything from the web on the main projector using the visuals PC. The church’s copyright licence allows us to play any copyrighted material in our meetings.

Open the web browser (Edge ) and get the clip you want in YouTube.

Make sure ProPresenter is either not running or that you’ve turned off the “Audience” display (click to turn it to )

Grab the window and drag it up to above the righthand monitor.

  • The computer’s output is in 4 sections. The projector receives the top-right section. Read more here.
Drag your window up to display 3 for it to appear on the projector

Once the browser window is on display 3, press K or the space bar to play/pause the video, and F to make the video full screen.

You can prepare the video in advance, leave it on display 3 and then run ProPresenter as normal. ProPresenter’s output will always be on top of everything else on display 3, until you click the “Audience” green light to switch it off. This makes it easy to switch between different things during a meeting.

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