Troubleshooting. No image on the projector & TVs

When the PC is on and ProPresenter is not running, the projector and TVs should all display the same Ivy welcome screen, in blue. If not, follow these steps.

The default background image for the projector (display 3)
  1. On the PC: check if ProPresenter is running. By default, as soon as it is launched, the main output goes black. So it could be that all is well, and ProPresenter is just waiting for you to start running a playlist.

2. On the ATEM Production Studio 4K (dark grey device in the rack by your left leg):

  • press button 1 (marked “MAIN”).
  • If an image appears correctly on the small display on the device but there’s still nothing on the projector & TVs, check they are definitely switched on and set to HDMI 1 as their input “source”.
  • If no image appears on the small display…

3. Unplug / plug the ATEM

  • At the back of the desktop, one of the mains power plugs is labelled “ATEM”.
  • Unplug it … Wait 15 seconds or so, and plug it back in.
  • It will take up to 1 minute to finish booting up.
  • If that doesn’t help …

4. On the PC:

  • Right-click on a blank bit of desktop and select “Display” settings
  • Are there 4 screens shown? If yes, try rebooting the PC.
  • If not, go to the back of the PC (under the desk – there’s a torch hanging underneath if you need it). Check the video cables plugged into the PC. These are located in the middle of the device, I’m a vertical row of 4. All 4 should be connected, but they can sometimes work loose. Try removing and replacing each one. CAUTION – the top plug and the bottom two have a lock – you need to press this in before pulling the plug out.

5. Still not working? Call Robert on 07773 069436

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