How to start the Didsbury visuals PC

UPDATE for 2023! The PC will start up automatically when the main power comes on for tech in the room [the EMO device]. So there’s no need to manually start up the PC.

If you need to shut down the PC and restart it, follow the instructions below …

The PC is in the rack

Open the flap of the PC. The power switch is bottom-left inside – press it once.

Startup takes about a minute, after which you’ll get the login screen on the righthand monitor.

Quick usage tips

  • The password is our usual, with capitals.
  • The PIN is 6241 (it will ask for this if it’s gone to sleep)
  • The computer has a multi-monitor setup. Information about which screen is which is here.
  • The mouse and keyboard go to sleep to save battery – press a button to wake either of them. [more here]
  • The projector and TVs need to be switched on & off separately, using the remote controls in the drawer at the bottom of the rack by your left leg.
  • Software available on the computer includes:
    • ProPresenter – for song display, presentations, videos, etc
    • Edge for web browsing / YouTube playback
    • PowerPoint, Word and Excel – for creating / editing files
    • GIMP – for editing photos
    • AirServer – for projecting from a phone/tablet [more here]
    • Spotify – for music playback (we have a premium licence, so there will be no adverts, and the church’s copyright licence permits the playing of any commercially copyrighted material)
    • Zoom – for video conferencing
    • NDI Tools – to create or view NDI video streams
    • OBS Studio – for multi-camera video switching / streaming (although we also have a hardware switcher in the PA store room)

If you’re stuck, there’s usually a solution in our troubleshooting tips.

You can also call Robert (number on the right of the desk frame). We have remote control functions, so issues and queries can usually be solved quickly.

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