How are the displays arranged?

The Didsbury visuals PC has multiple outputs. It’s worth knowing about the main four, as it can be easy to “lose” your mouse on one of the ones you’re not watching.

Arrangement of main displays

There are 4 main displays:

  • Windows monitors. On the desk are 2 monitors. These are labelled as 1 and 4 by the computer.
  • Projector output. This is our main output, and goes to the projector and the ‘audience’ TVs.
  • Broadcast lyrics. This is used when we’re live streaming, and provides just song words, overlaid on a green background, from ProPresenter. This is how we show lyrics on top of cameras in the live feed.

The computer treats the 4 displays as though they were pieces of a single jigsaw. You can move windows from one to the other just by dragging them up / down / left / right. You can also stretch windows across more than one display if you want.

  • If you ‘lose’ the mouse, it’s probably on a display you haven’t looked at yet. Try wiggling it and watching the other displays, or just moving it down and right – eventually it’s guaranteed to come into view in the right-hand monitor on the desk.

ProPresenter uses 3 displays:

  • right-hand monitor: the control area for the operator
  • projector: the main output [when ProPresenter starts, this goes black]
  • broadcast lyrics: just lyrics, on a green background [when ProPresenter starts, this goes black]

You can use the left-hand monitor for anything else, eg service plan, Spotify, etc. To put another app there, just drag the window over to the left. You can have as many windows open as you like, ProPresenter won’t mind.

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